Not so awful insults to yell when I have road rage, ambulance protocol

In a perfect world everyone would move to the right in a QUICK orderly fashion when an ambulance is trying to pass through traffic, some are incapable of that. Punishing traffic law offenders is my cause.
  1. Tell them what they are. Instead of being mean and insulting someone's physical appearance or cursing the offender out, simply tell them what they are... A bad driver.
    Ex: " You, sir, are a bad driver !!"
  2. Thumbs down. Instead of the middle finger , try a thumbs down, it sends the message whilst still looking like a lady.
  3. Scream " DONT YOU GET IT PEOPLE THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!" out your window
  4. Take the license plate down and threaten to make it your life duty to follow the offender around until they have an emergency in which you will not move out of the way for.