I sometimes start a book before I finish another book I'm reading and that is my situation now.
  1. A Storm of Swords
    Third game of thrones book and it is taking me forever to finish but I'm determined to get er done by summertime.
  2. The Picture of Dorian Gray
    Reading this for my lit class but also really enjoying it. Lay your philosophical fiction on me, Oscar Wilde.
  3. No One Here Gets Out Alive
    Biography of Jim Morrison written by Danny Sugerman and Jerry Hopkins. Just started this book but waiting to really get into it until the summer. Stoked to learn more about Jim Morrison, an absolute legend.
  4. Barbarian Days
    Really cool autobiography by William Finnegan about his adventures as a surfer and a writer. From tripping on acid while surfing in Hawaii, camping out in figi, to becoming a war reporter and a bunch of other crazy wild things. Super cool guy and reading about all the wild things he's done really makes ya want to go out and get into some adventurous shenanigans