cool classes I've taken in college

Not sure how I was able to take all these but they all counted toward something and I'm still on track to graduate soooo woohoo
  1. Not that 70s show
    Required freshman seminar class and mine was all about the seventies
  2. History of rock and roll
    Highlight was that I went on an excursion with my group to NYC to all the Rock and roll landmarks of the day: cgbg's, Bowery ball room, Chelsea hotel, etc.
  3. Art of film
    Got to watch super cool and interesting movies and then talk about them
  4. Archaeology
    randomly took this and my prose for dresser like a stereotypical archeologist with a brown best and a leather satchel it was a trip
  5. Writing for college: nature edition
    Ok I don't remember exactly what is was called, but was a required English class that I dreaded and ended up loving. My professor was the freaking man all of our readings and assignments were geared towards nature and environmentalism. and this is where I first met @domiiniquedaav and she realized she wanted to be my best friend after my stellar presentation on into the wild
  6. Wine tasting
    Abroad- tasting the wines of Italy. Can't get much better. Jk it was actually an extremely difficult class but the wine tastings and field trips to vineyards and wine bars was worth it
  7. Rome sketchbook
    Also abroad- every class was on site and just got to draw four hours while exploring the city
  8. World religions
    Open minded/ mega cool professor and got to go to a Buddhist monastery
  9. Intro to african diaspora
    Strangely interesting history class
  10. Scuba diving
    Taking next semester yeeeeee
  11. Archery
    Also taking next semester. pass fail tho so I better be on some hunger games like skill level