Wayyyy too much tequila the previous night. My own fault. Thought I'd be able to rally by 2pm for my interview. I was wrong.
  1. First of all I got a concerning call from my cousin on the way to the interview
    She told me I accidentally got into her roommates bed at 3am WHILE SHE WAS IN IT. No recollection of this but I felt soo bad about it. Scarring experience.
  2. The location of my interview said Philly but I didn't realize it was basically at the other end of the world
    Jk it was right outside of Bensalem but still. farther than I thought.
  3. Probably should've eaten more than a quarter of a bagel 5 hours before the interview
    It was a damn good quarter of a bagel though
  4. Did not think I was that hungover til I got out of my car
    No bueno
  5. At least I looked fly in my professional business attire I bought 20 hours before at a target on my way to philly
  6. Walk in to see there's 6 other people interviewing for the same position
  7. While the others went before me I sat on a couch while an older woman sat uncomfortably close to me
    She had a cool foot tattoo though
  8. Shitty pop music was playing and ESPN was on mute on the tv playing golf. It was extremely unpleasant
    I sat there reading the closed captions cause what else was there to do. Learned Jordan spieth is my age and is a thriving golf star. Good for him.
  9. Began to feel nauseous
    Wasn't even really nervous for the interview surprisingly but the tequila was not agreeing with my stomach
  10. And then it was my turn
    Time to get this over with
  11. The guy was nice and as far as I could tell did not notice I was hungover
  12. Interview went pretty well. He caught me off guard with the most generic of interview questions "what sets you apart from other people"
    Hmm idk!! I gave some BS answer though. not too impressive but not the worst thing ever
  13. Interview concluded
    I would say 7/10 interview. Afterwards I found a water fountain in the hallway and drank the sweet nectar aqua for probably 3 minutes straight
  14. Then proceeded to get changed in my car, visit a friend, and eat and drink my weight in pizza and beer that night.