I've had the opportunity to go to some pretty rad places in my time
  1. West Chester, PA
    So much love for the hometown
  2. Rome, Italy
    Living here for 3+ months taught me a lot. Loved this amazing city
  3. Occidental, California
    Stayed deep in this amazing red wood forest for a week. Beautiful nature every which way
  4. Lake Anna, VA
    So many good summers spent here with challis squad
  5. Ocean City, MD
    Though majority of my time here I was pretty under the influence, still a great place with amazing sunrises
  6. Hunter mountain, NY
    favorite place to ski except when you accidentally go down a double black diamond on your first run after not skiing for a year
  7. NYC/Brooklyn
    Love visiting the city. So much to see and do! it's pretty overwhelming, but there is always something interesting going on.
  8. Avalon NJ
    Spent every summer here since I was but a babe. Second home.
  9. Philly
    I love u philly and want to get to know u more
  10. Brandywine river
    Go to summer destination when not down at the shore. Love rope swinging and floating down this river with friends great way to spend a day. One time I got a leech bite but it was a lot cooler than it was gross
  11. Doolin, Ireland
    Basically named after me. Green everywhere and then of course the famous cliffs of moher aren't far
  12. Alaska
    Alaska in the summer=super stunning. Took a really scenic train ride to some cool remote towns. Saw some bears and 12 bald eagles in one place can't get more America than that
  13. Adirondacks, NY
    So many quality hiking locations
  14. Hawaii
    Love Hawaii so much. By far most beautiful and scenic place I've ever been and I would do dirty things to live here
  15. Stroud preserve, PA
    Very nice place for dawg walking and taking a cooling dip in my secret swimming spot
  16. Paris, France
    Did not expect to love Paris as much as I did, so I had to go back a second time. Such an amazing city wth beautiful people
  17. Dublin, Ireland
    Irish people are insanely cool. So friendly and their accents are great. Discovered I'm not as directionally challenged as I thought here when I had to drunkenly find my way back to my hostel without using my phone for directions.
  18. Santorini, Greece
    Spent an amazing day here. There were dogs everywhere and I pet them all even though I'm pretty sure they were all strays. Also almost lost my life while riding a wiley donkey up a cliff.
  19. Pittsburgh, PA
    Super cool and underrated city
  20. Salzburg, Austria
    Went here in high school and it was the cutest town I've ever been to.
  21. Sicily, Italy
    Friendly people and home of the cannoli. Swam deep out into the sea and pictured what my life would be like if I was one of the owners of the yachts off shore.
  22. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
    Stellar architecture. Disney modeled Cinderella castle after this.
  23. Marist
    Super lucky to have such a pretty campus. Right on the Hudson River which looks good every season especially fall. Lots of green grass and hogwarts like buildings.
  24. Honorable mentions
    San Francisco, CA. Seattle, WA. Venice, CA. Galway, Ireland. Athens, Greece. Innsbruck, Austria. Old Forge, NY. Naples, FL. Rome, NY. Lake Garda, Italy. Perugia, Italy. Venice, Italy. Florence, Italy. Munich, Germany.