What my life has consisted of in the last two months
  1. A broken heart
    Which has lead to a lot of self awareness and healing - but I'm still not okay
  2. A better work ethic
    Truth be told, I hate my job. But not having a huge part of my life focused on a future that isn't going to come into fruition has pushed me to get my crap together. I can't be unhappy in every aspect of my life.
  3. New relationships with my family
    My relationship with my mom and sister have grown tremendously - for the better
  4. Writing
    Therapeutic, unapologetic, rambling thought streams that have blossomed into something more than just a journal.
  5. Reading
    Someone please suggest another book for me soon. Two chapters left and a goodreads reading goal to achieve haha
  6. Walking
    I got a Fitbit for my birthday and I'm competitive
  7. Desperation
    For the affection I grew accustomed to
  8. New possibilities
    Another conference, another life path. What's the best thing for me?