Thoughts preventing me from rest
  1. I should have showered before bed
  2. I wonder if I have high blood pressure
  3. I hope that's just the furnace smell and that the house isn't on fire
  4. I need somebody to love
  5. How often am I supposed to truly brush my teeth?
  6. Have I made an indent in my mattress?
  7. Can I wait to pee until morning?
  8. I can't believe no one will go to the covered bridge festival with me
  9. My eyes feel numb
  10. I wish Leo would bust into my life with his Departed Boston accent and beat the crap outta my ex
  11. Ugh I'm so tired.
  12. I can't keep checking Facebook
  13. Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Buzzfeed
  14. Do I have any lives in two dots yet?