Baby Name Suggestions From My Three-year-old Son

My son is now five years old and the baby is now two. But he suggested these names a couple years ago when I was pregnant, and I saved them because they are great. Did we choose one of thee names for the baby?? You may never know.
  1. Cupso
    This one is bound to be rising in the baby name charts soon
  2. Doctor Comb
  3. Soxy Lomo Market
    I've taken some liberty on spelling. But this feels like the way he would've spelled it.
  4. Doc McStuffins
  5. Nice Sammy
    Almost a real human name?
  6. Rainbow Pits
  7. Pigso
  8. Bus Wheels
  9. Bamaway
  10. Koala Bear
  11. Riffy
  12. Milk
  13. Woopsy Baby
    The most awkward name to explain to strangers
  14. FurDank