1. My experience on social media has generally been that it is horribly uncool to be conservative
  2. In the "real world," I know lots of conservatives! The vast majority of my friends are conservative and vote Republican.
  3. Half of our nation is conservative/Republican, but when I'm online it feels like I'm the only one??
  4. And people share their liberal opinions online openly and with pride, and it is met with enthusiasm.
  5. Meanwhile I'm over here like...
  6. On social media it's like we are all afraid of being attacked for our beliefs, so we stay quiet about it.
  7. BUT... I've noticed that @list seems to be a different kind of place. Maybe I could be authentic here? And say out loud that I am (*gasp*) a Republican.
  8. And people could disagree with me. And people can think my ideas are bad. But still maybe be nice??? Maybe that could happen here?
  9. Because I'm just a person who might be a little different than you. (And the same in lots of ways too!)
  10. Thanks in advance for your respectful responses 😊