A step by step guide for inquiring minds with (not so) refined palates
  1. Step one: Try to remember that really nice wine you had at your parents' house recently. The one that cost more money than you'd ever spend on a beverage. Got it? Good. Now put that out of your mind because that's not what we're here for today.
  2. Step two: Walk down the wine aisle at the store (I prefer Target because duh) and look for big red clearance stickers
  3. Step three: Find bottle of wine that has been so drastically reduced in price that you can probably assume it was somehow damaged during shipping. Like you may be drinking rat poison because of the deal you're getting. That's the goal here.
  4. Step four: Go home. Remove clearance sticker. Serve potentially dangerous wine to dinner guests! They will be clueless and love it! (Unless of course they follow you on list app)