My friends and I still watch The Bachelor. It's the worst... And the best.
  1. Why is everyone so young this season?
    About an hour into the episode we realized that the people on the show are the same age... we are just getting older. Way harsh reality.
  2. Chicken enthusiast??
    I mean... What??
  3. Twins!! Oh I hope he picks just one twin tonight.
    That would make for some great television.
  4. Is someone on crew responsible for scooping up after the horse?? And picking up unicorn heads from the ground?
    Hollywood is GLAMOROUS.
  5. Did they seriously just cut to the only other black girl looking disappointed, when the first black girl was given a rose?? Did they really just do that?
    This show is the worst.
  6. But it's the best. And I can't wait to watch next week.
  7. BONUS: Our guesses on who will make it far this season: (we don't read spoilers so please don't spoil it! Thanks!) Amanda, Becca, Lauren B., Olivia, Caila