1. When you eat potato chips you pretend they're the Eucharist and you bless them
  2. You get excited to be chosen to read scripture at mass
  3. Since you have to start going to confession at like 7 years old you just make up shit since you're not actually sure what sinning is yet
  4. You join a club called "Legion Of Mary" after school just cause there's a 7-11 on the walk to church and your mom gives you money for snacks
  5. You make bets with your friends on how fast you can say grace so you can all be excused to the cafeteria sooner when it's your turn
  6. You become an altar server purely out of curiosity about what the room behind the altar looks like and then it's not even tight at all
  7. You let your 5th grade teacher who is an Irish Nun take an entire day from lessons to teach you the Irish jig