Self-centered person tells you to stop being so self-centered.
  1. Not every idea that comes from you is a good idea
    And not every idea is a tweet.
  2. After a certain point, people stop caring where you're from and they just want to know where you live.
  3. School rankings don't matter that much
  4. You're gonna wish you were an English major
  5. You're gonna wish you were a Computer Science major
  6. As a function of your age and life experiences, you simply cannot experience nostalgia yet.
  7. A very very very select few of people get to do what they want to do right out of college, or know what it is.
  8. Facebook is not news
  9. Buzzfeed is not anything
  10. Climate change is scary
  11. Your email signature makes you look stupid
  12. Your old AIM username is not the funniest one
    "bootertooter2000" I win