Yahoo Answers also notoriously unreliable.
  1. How did I throw out my back at 22?
  2. Am I allergic to my earrings?
    Cause they're always kinda itchy
  3. Why haven't I had my period in two months? (ITS NOT PREGNANCY) Why has my sister's lasted ten days?
  4. Who is going to be the one to finally free the nipple?
  5. Who engineered Zoe Saldana's face?
  6. Are the expired anti-depressants at the bottom of my purse going to harm me?
  7. How much Advil is too much Advil?
  8. Who's going to have the song of the summer?
  9. Do the contestants on Master Chef Junior get to look at recipes or are those little shits really that talented?
  10. How many dating apps are too many dating apps?
  11. Did I have more fun as a blonde?
  12. How metabolism works