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    Capri Blue candles are the best. THE BEST. A little pricey ($28), but they're about the same size as Bath & Body Works candles, but burn twice as long. The coastal scent is sweet and fruity and basically smells like a tropical beach and piña coladas.
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    I have this candle in the mini size. To quote the product description it smells like "tropical fruits, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens." What it really smells like: sophisticated Hawaiian Punch. Trust me. It's incredible.
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    I found this candle at Madewell. It's definitely very citrusy, but not so strong that it smells like house cleaning products. If you're into more masculine scents, give Teakwood & Tobacco a try (musky, smokey, and just a little sweet).
  6. Now, go forth and make your home smell great.