1. Dr. Bronner's sandalwood and jasmine soap
    I picked this up at T.J. Maxx. The almond scent is my favorite, but I also really like how jasmine smells so I figured I try it out. I love to use it as a body wash with exfoliating gloves! It lathers up really well and I feel super clean.
  2. Boscia purifying cleansing gel
    LOVE this cleanser. It kinda has the consistency of water, but don't let that fool you. It gets really foamy and doesn't strip your skin. Once summer arrives I switch over to the black charcoal cleanser which is also magical
  3. Thayer's cucumber witch hazel toner
    I've been using the rose witch hazel toner for a while and when it was time to repurchase I saw this cucumber & aloe one and decided to try it. I typically love the scent of cucumber and aloe–it's so refreshing. But this kinda smells like salty cucumbers. Not my thing. But it still works as well as my beloved rose one so I'll finish it.
  4. Clean & Clear benzoyl peroxide treatment
    If I feel a breakout coming on or I've already broken out, I put a really thin layer of this over the area.
  5. Simple protecting light moisturizer + Glossier priming moisturizer
    The Simple moisturizer is my go-to for spring and summer. It absorbs into my skin really well and had SPF. But if I'm wearing any makeup (which I usually am), I follow up with the Glossier moisturizer to plump my skin up and even out any redness.
  6. Kiehl's creamy eye treatment
    Honestly, bought this because I like the pale green color of the product and that it has avocado in it. But it really is a great eye cream. It hydrates my eye area really well and makes the application of concealer so much smoother.
  7. Vaseline lip therapy
    I'm all about this stuff. It helps keep my lips happy and I love the pale pink tint. I'm also a fan of the Smith's rosebud balm.
  8. Cowshed body lotion
    I watch so many beauty videos on YouTube, and all of the London-based beauty vloggers get so excited when a hotel that they're staying at is stocked with Cowshed products. I found this at T.J. Maxx for $8 which is a steal considering it retails for $28! It absorbs into the skin pretty quick, and the scent reminds me of the Aesop rejuvenate body balm.