As a toddler I used to sleep in my shoes I loved them so much. I've since kicked that habit, but my love of shoes is still going strong.
  1. Vans slip-ons |
    I love the perforated leather material. Makes them kinda fancier than your typical sneaker.
  2. Chloé flats |
    I got these as a birthday gift for myself a few years ago and wear them all the time. The leather is so soft it's like butter on your feet... which sounds totally gross but feels so good.
  3. M.Gemi gladiator sandals
    I did some freelance work for M.Gemi last summer and loved every second of it! Gold is one of my favorite colors and I think the tassels at the end of the laces are really cute.
  4. M.Gemi loafers
    I was really hesitant about these because I was convinced I would destroy them after a few wears. They've actually held up really well! The tumbled leather is durable and I just wipe them down with a Simple makeup wipe when they need some cleaning up.
  5. Loeffler Randall boots |
    I looooove ankle boots, but this pair is my #1. I somehow scored them 40% off a few years ago and they have survived 3 New England winters. Hopefully they will make it through a few more.
  6. Jack Rogers |
    Breaking in a new pair of jacks is probably one of the most tortuous things I'll ever put my feet through. Once they're broken in they're the best.
  7. Superga sneakers |
    If I'm not in the mood to wear my Vans I'll wear these. Really comfortable.
  8. Loeffler Randall espadrilles |
    I pretty much only wear neutral colors so these go with everything. Plus they add a little pizzazz. Soludos has a few cheetah/leopard print styles available at a lower price point along with a lot of other great options
  9. Target sandals
    I got these last summer and adore them. The J.Crew outlet has a very similar style available now!