1. Worked
    I do some freelance content creation/social media consultant work. I spent most of Saturday working on some DIYs for a Mother's Day project. Here's a sneak peek.
  2. My mom was cleaning out the attic and found this treasure
    Limited Too was EVERYTHING to me between the ages of 7-11.
  3. Immediately sent a picture of the bag to my sister
  4. Tried the newest flavor of Polar Seltzer
    I'm still a little bummed out that I never got to try the unicorn kisses flavor.
  5. What I wore today
    I just got this scarf at Old Navy and I really like it!
  6. Visited my grandparents in Connecticut
    They live in a really cute town near Mystic. This is the view from their house.
  7. Clyde
    This is the face he gave me after I told him to stop eating a stick.