Maybe I'm addicted?
  1. Jeni's - you can order it online!
    Their brambleberry crisp and salty caramel are the stuff dreams are made of. I bought a few pints for my dad for father's day a few years ago. A+ gift for someone who likes ice cream. I think I ended up eating half of the stuff I got him. Sorry, dad.
  2. Big Gay Ice Cream - NYC
    The salty pimp is 😍 I think it was caramel sauce, vanilla soft serve, sea salt, and a chocolate shell. I'm very thankful for the person that decided to combine caramel with sea salt.
  3. Bubbling Brook - Westwood, MA
    I make too many trips here during the summer. Their soft-serve is the best, but their hard ice cream is also really good. They also always have about a dozen different flavors pre-packed as quarts that you can buy for a reasonable price.
  4. Crescent Ridge - Sharon, MA
    I just had this for the first time a few months ago, and I'm kind of sad I've been leading a Crescent Ridge-deprived life for the past 25 years. Their portions are insane (depending on how hungry I am, a kid cup can be two servings for me). Last time I went with my sister we each ordered a few flavors to-go so we could be in ice cream heaven all weekend-long.
  5. Van Leeuwen - NYC
    It was 90+ degrees and I was really hungry when I came across their truck in SoHo. In retrospect, I probably should have eaten something more substantial, but whatever. I got the espresso ice cream. It was rich and creamy, but refreshing like an iced coffee. I was also really into the type and illustrations on the truck and tried to take a picture of it.
  6. Ice Cream Smuggler - Dennis, MA
    I think over the course of 48 hours my family stopped at 3 or 4 different ice cream shops in Dennis. This one was by far the best. I can't even remember what I got, but it was a highlight of the trip. Which says a lot because the beach makes me very happy.
  7. Ben and Jerry's
    It's general knowledge that this is good ice cream.
  8. Trader Joe's
    Cookie butter ice cream. Yes.
  9. Talenti
    This is gelato but I feel like it shouldn't be left out from this list. The sea salt caramel is my favorite, but I'm yet to try a flavor that I don't like.