I'm trying (and failing) to be more mindful of how I spend my money. Here are some illustrations of things I bought last week!
  1. Static
    I probably shouldn't have spent $6 on just 2 grapefruits at whole foods. They were so good but I know I can get them cheaper elsewhere.
  2. Local
    I read about this hair product on one of my favorite blogs and wanted to try it out. I'll try any product that promises volume and bounce! Got distracted by the packaging of this face wash on my way to the checkout line. After a few tries I'm not super into the hair spray, but I really like the face wash!
  3. Static
    I'm all about super fine point pens and pencils. Used both of them to make these illustrations!
  4. Static
    A trip to one of our nation's finest establishments.
  5. Local
    Love Everlane. Love this coat. I'm probably going to wear it every day this week.