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  1. Unnecessary snow day, literally.
I've never really made a traditional "resolution"list, so here goes...
  1. Read at least 20 real books.
    No, textbooks do not count.
  2. Avoid as much social media as possible.
    I've gone full-on hate status at this point.
  3. Be on my phone less.
    This roots from the two previous goals. Killing more brain cells by the second.
3 more...
  1. On a train
    Near Klamath Falls, OR
  2. The feet of a tree frog
  3. Delicious breakfast in unfortunate lighting
2 more...
Because I feel this show is extremely underappreciated
  1. Tina brings back my middle school mindset spot on.
    Passive aggressive with tons of attitude.
  2. Gayle matches my blossoming cat lady characteristics perfectly.
    I gossip with my cat at least twice a day. Mostly about obnoxious Facebook posts by people I knew in high school.
  3. Who hasn't admired Louise with her impeccable comebacks?
    Especially when that one lady in front of you at Starbucks needs her drink remade because her's was supposed to be a "skinny mocha frapp".
  4. My eternal desire to have a green thumb.
    Apartment living makes this difficult.
Still trying to get the hang of this app...so why not try a template...
  1. A good portion of the photos on my phone are physics related. What can I say, that sh** is cool.
  2. Another large portion: photos of my cat that I like to think are actually artistic.
  3. Photos from Ashland, OR. Because anyone who's been there in the spring/summer knows what I'm talking about.
2 more...
I've been living with my little kitten, Velvet, for almost 2 months now, and here's how she has changed me...
  1. Never feel safe sitting down without looking first
    This is especially true for Velvet in the dark. Maybe it's the height she enjoys...
  2. Say goodbye to your computer's keyboard.
    All cat's are naturally drawn to a warm toasty keyboard.
  3. You never feel safe hanging your foot off the bed again.
  4. At the same time, you can no longer sleep without feeling that little furry bundle right next to you at night.