I've never really made a traditional "resolution"list, so here goes...
  1. Read at least 20 real books.
    No, textbooks do not count.
  2. Avoid as much social media as possible.
    I've gone full-on hate status at this point.
  3. Be on my phone less.
    This roots from the two previous goals. Killing more brain cells by the second.
  4. Bring back my curiosity of science
    In the last year I feel I've gotten stuck in a rutt with this. I comsume what the textbook gives me without asking "why"?
  5. Yell less
    Indeed this is borrowed from someone else's list I saw, but it applies to me spot on.
  6. Keep up with fitness
    I did quite well with this at the end of 2016, so let's hope I can keep it going...