I'm taking about babies.
  1. Thom
    That H though....
  2. Nevaeh
    Ah, the old heaven spelled backwards trick. Nothing heavenly about this name. The mom probably has the Kate plus 8 haircut
  3. Tobias
    This name sounds like it came from a super religious family that doesn't have electricity and occasionally enjoys family game nights. They also have a family band. Tobias is on the spoons
  4. Dick
    "Honey, lets name our kid after a penis!"
  5. Flocus
    I have a friend that is pregnant and i had a dream the other night she named her kid Flocus. It sounds like a wizard rapper.
  6. La-A
  7. Anything containing an unneccessary apostrophe.
    Sha'Niyah Da'Nae. What purpose do these apostrophes serve? Are these names contractions or showing ownership?
  8. Porkchop Beefslab
    In high school my friend told me there was a student at our high school named Porkchop. For 4 years a searched for this student. Senior year, I found out this was a joke. Moral of the story: don't name your kid Porkchop Beefslab.