Inspired by the fact that it's Halloween morning and I just saw a woman buy a box of mini chip bags.
  1. Mini chip bags.
    This is especially terrible if they're regular flavoured chips. These are not a treat for any child. Unless this child lives in a chip depraved household. Maybe.
  2. Those black liquorice flavoured chewey candies in the orange wrappers with skull faces on them.
    They have skulls on the wrappers because they taste like death.
  3. Cans of pop
    This is the most ridiculous treat to give out because a) it's a drink, not candy, and b) this weighs down a kids candy bag instantly to unbearable weights. Kids need that strength for all of the candy they are collecting, not a drink.
  4. Coffee crisp
    This is not actually a bad candy at all, but I remember telling myself that I won't like it because it's apparently "coffee flavoured". And now I regret giving away all my mini coffee crisps to my Dad.
  5. Glosette raisins
    Chocolate covered raisins are still raisins. Stop trying to make fruit a candy. Adversely however, glosette peanuts were one of my favourites.