I'm not proud but this could be useful to you
  1. Migraine
    Ahh the old classic. Most of my friends know I have chronic migraines and they knock me completely out of commission for real sometimes, so so what if I sometimes use a fabricated headache to get out of stuff? Shouldn't some good come from my suffering?
  2. Stomach ache
    Simple yet totally relatable. Be careful though, it's easy to see right through this lie if you use it too many times.
  3. I just threw up :(
    In case your friend isn't buying the stomach ache, this can really help solidify your story.
  4. Oh no I totally spaced! I have a...
    Doctors appointment. An apartment inspection. Tickets to a show.
  5. I have to work late
    Another classic but only works on weekdays.
  6. Blame it on your roommate
    My roommate locked herself out and I have to go let her in! My roommate blocked in my car and I can't leave! My roommate is having a bad day so I really think I should stay with her :(