Written in a late night state of anxiety as a desperate attempt to sooth my nerves and fall asleep.
  1. Lying in bed listening to the rain during the transition of Fall weather
  2. Kissing my dog on her forehead and getting one in return
  3. Pulling my dogs face back to make her look like she's smiling
  4. A Hulu queue of 6+ and nothing to do on a Saturday night
  5. My mom's vegetable soup
  6. Whole milk
  7. When I've had shit luck and I come home to a tub of grocery store cotton candy from my parents-they truly love me more than anyone in this world
  8. Having the fear of moving across the country because I've achieved my dream of getting a job in Portland
  9. Silk pajama pants even if they're not "real silk"
  10. Hot guys in yoga classes
  11. Freshly shaved legs
  12. Being able to be friends with the ex love of my life
  13. Hearing my nephew say "Cait"
  14. Having a brother who writes you poems
  15. Having an tiny army of friends who support you no matter what-quality over quantity, people
  16. New vines from Chris Melberger, J Cyrus, or Nick Mastodon
  17. New books to read
  18. When a book you love is announced to be made into a movie
  19. Adele & Coldplay releasing new albums
  20. Finding someone who sees you for who you are, and loves you all the more for it
  21. Loving yourself just as much in the mean time