From the ages of 5 to 25
  1. 5: spy, preferably a double agent
  2. 7: Olympic gymnast: after 7th day of classes, I quit when I saw a beautiful Asian girl fall from the high bars and break her arm
  3. 10: P.E teacher
  4. 11: Brian Littrell's wife
  5. 15: cirque du soleil contortionist
  6. 18: doctor working overseas
  7. 19: nurse
  8. 20: Physician Assistant
  9. 21: done with college; organic farmer in Oregon
  10. 22: married to my then-boyfriend from New Zealand, and first love of my life; zookeeper
  11. 23: dead (New Zealand broke my heart)
  12. 23.5: a badass bitch that made New Zealand regret losing me. Also employed.
  13. 24: happy. I just wanted to be happy. (Currently achieved dream of employment as microbiologist)
  14. 25: happy, a good example of a strong woman to my future children, and living in the PNW
  15. 25.5: am moving to the PNW after 3 years of applying for jobs in Oregon; everyday I try to be happy; able to do a handstand and splits