A Comprehensive List Of Everything I Am Allergic To

Ft. various stock photos. Benadryl should honestly consider sponsoring me.
  1. I am allergic to many things. This is a list of things that make my histamine go nuts.
    Here is a #cute photo of me during an allergic reaction.
  2. Dairy
    No, I'm not lactose intolerant. Yes, I, too, am sure you would die if you could not eat cake or ice cream. No, eggs are not dairy. Yes, butter has dairy in it. Yes, I AM a badass.
  3. Nuts
    Except for almonds and chestnuts.
  4. Grass pollen
    I love spring, but spring hates me.
  5. Weed pollen
    Hay fever what up
  6. Dust
    As if I weren't already high maintenance
  7. Cats
    Good thing I love dogs.
  8. Some dogs.
    The bane of my existence.
  9. Latex
    Gloves + my hands = 🙅🏻
  10. Tide detergent
    So itchy
  11. Fabric softener
    OhmyGOD SOOO itchy.
  12. Any scented lotions or anything that's basically not water
    My skin is more sensitive than my sister. She cries a lot.
  13. Maybe I should live in a bubble