What I'll Miss Most About College When I Graduate in a Week

I did this thing where I'm graduating a year early (Go Gauchos), and I feel equally excited, scared, and unprepared. So what better way to procrastinate finals than write a list at 1am?
  1. School by the beach
    Campus Point and the meditation circle are 💯
  2. Isla Vista sunsets
  3. My apartment building
    Living on your own is fun. But also taking care of yourself like an adult isn't. 7/10 would recommend.
  4. Storke Tower
    I used to look for it as a landmark when I got lost as a freshman.
  5. The OG Freebirds
    The chain isn't the same and anyone who tells you differently is lying to you, so stop being friends with them.
  6. Burritos from El Sitio
    I befriended the workers there so they always hook it up for me.
  7. Deja Vu fries
    Reminiscent of 1am drunken adventures and greasy food.
  8. Everyone I know living within a mile from me
    Isla Vista is a little gross because the people to square mile ratio is way too high. But it's comforting knowing everyone is close.
  9. Dog Therapy Day
  10. Political Science Professors
    The unsung heroes of Ellison Hall and my BFFs.
  11. #Community
    A cliché but I drank the Kool Aid and feel it. You bond when you have to get through undergrad together.