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  1. Yogurt wrapper
  2. Passport
    Useful form of ID when people don't accept my ancient Washington State resident ID. Also helps legitimize my dream of whimsically hopping on a plane to Paris
  3. Hand sanitizer
    ... Cause, duh!
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  1. A woman picking her teeth with her clipper card
  2. A man smile at his phone
  3. Tired looking people
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I have been ill and binge watching The Office.
  1. Idris Elba. Enough said.
  2. Meredith flashes Michael Scott
  3. Pam and Jim's first kiss
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Here are five photos from the bottomless collection of shots from 2015
  1. Sunrise in Brooklyn, March?
  2. That one time in Yosemite, April?
  3. Street art, NYC, July?
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