(in no particular order)
  1. Gilmore Girls | The ONLY show I can watch from start to finish over and over and over again. Posi female relationships, Adam Brody & Milo Ventimiglia cameos and all the pop culture references.
  2. The OC | I love that this show is constantly making fun of itself. Adam Brody is adorably awkward, Sandy Cohen is flawless and the soundtrack is perfect.
  3. One Tree Hill | Part of the charm is the completely unrealistic scenarios that continually happen to the same group of friends. Also the growth of Brooke Davis' character is wonderful.
  4. Gossip Girl | Another amazing soundtrack. The fashion is on point.
  5. Pretty Little Liars | Suspense, dreamy boyfriends & murder. PLL keeps you watching because they have convinced you that you're A and you have to make sure you aren't.
  6. Friday Night Lights | Everything about this show is my favorite including the soundtrack by Explosions in the Sky. Coach + Tammy are relationship goals.