Because 5 is not enough & 10 is too many.
  1. 1.
    S1E21 | Love, Daisies & Troubadours
    Max’s proposal is on point, which is caused by the territorial spat between Luke & Max (swooooon). Rory yells “I love you, you idiot!” which is one of my favorite Rory quotes.
  2. 2.
    S2E10 | The Bracebridge Dinner
    Over the top town event where Jackson has to make a fool of himself - check! Jess is vying for Rory’s attention and they go on a horse & carriage ride (!!!) and Jess asks Rory what her and Dean talk about. & the episode ends with Jess doing a secret romantic gesture for Rory - knocking down the ringer’s snowman! (side note: I love every episode where Jess & Rory mirror Lorelai & Luke)
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    S2E22 | I Can’t Get Started
    The title of this episode is heartbreakingly perf. Sookie sneaking into the kitchen in her wedding dress to redo her wedding cake is why I love her character. Lorelei getting uncharacteristically vulnerable enough to believe her & Chris will work out is both devastating and heartwarmingly naive. Rory kisses Jess! RORY. KISSES. JESS.
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    S3E7 | They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?
    Again, town events in Stars Hollow are amazing. Taylor & Miss Patty’s make the best frenemies. Kirk smug competition is wonderful followed by his victory lap with the Rocky Theme Song in the background. Adam Brody stops by to pretend he is a good Christian just to visit Lane. & OF COURSE: Dean breaks up with Rory in front of everyone and Rory finally confesses her feelings for Jess and Jess plays it cool by saying he has to go take care of something. FAVORITE EPISODE EVER.
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    S3E22 | Those Are Strings, Pinocchio
    THAT SPEECH. That’s really the entire reason, but Lorelai & Sookie get the Inn! & Rory gets mysterious phone calls from who she rightfully assumes is Jess. She ends them by telling Jess that thinks she loved him but she isn’t going to pine. (GET IT, GIIIIIRL. Even though I am eternally sad)
  6. 6.
    S5E13 &14 | Wedding Bell Blues & Say Something (2 parter that I'm counting as 1)
    Emily & Richard are back together and Richard makes a romantic speech and plays Emily’s favorite song about Bill. Rory gets to be the best man (and dress the part!) Emily baits Christopher, which of course works and causes Luke & Lorelai to break up. Lorelai tells her mom that they are through. Logan & Rory hook up (FINALLY!) and Logan almost gets beat up by both of Rory’s dads. Lorelai is down after the breakup and Rory takes care of her. Lorelai needs her best friend.
  7. 7.
    S6E8 | Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out
    Jess is back! He has his life together and he tells Rory that Logan is a jerk and then bluntly asks her what she is doing. This ultimately leads her back to Lorelai. #TEAMJESSFORLIFE
  8. 8.
    S7E22 | Bon Voyage
    The town (& Luke!) throwing a giant party to celebrate the lives of the Gilmore Girls is perfect and beautiful. As Richard points out “It takes a remarkable person to inspire all of this.” Luke & Lorelai get back together FINALLY.
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    Honorable Mentions: S2E15, S2E16, S2E21, S3E6, S3E16, S3E17, S4E20, S5E3, S5E7, S6E13, S6E16&17, S7E4, S7E14