1. Gilmore Girls | Basically start to finish and right back to the start. Every time I pick up more pop culture references. And almost every time I skip the episode after Max! Keg! Fight! because Jess leaving on the bus without telling Rory is too much.
  2. 10 Things I Hate About You | Arguably one of the best 90s rom coms.
  3. Rudy | Inherited from my mother. A great movie to watch when in need of a good hour long cry.
  4. Law & Order SVU
  5. Criminal Minds
  6. The last 15 minutes of Pitch Perfect
  7. Charlotte & Jonathon, Britain's Got Talent Audition
  8. Brian's Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance
  9. Joseph Gordon Levitt vs Stephen Merchant Lip Sync Battle
  10. Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle
  11. Parks & Recreation
  12. The Office (US)