When my ListApp queen @maggieannre requests a list, you best believe I deliver. Here are my instagrams with new and improved captions:
  1. Skills do not include walking in heels, so this is me sitting on the ground of some random person's driveway trying to recoup. They came outside and judged me.
  2. After this was taken, our lantern flew into a lady's head AND SET HER HAIR ON FIRE
  3. Trying to look sporty on this hike when I'm the girl who did P.E. in high school
  4. A cute dog pulls likes
  5. We all bought $300 matching overalls, and we all regret it.
  6. Dressed up as Tina from Bob's Burgers for halloween. Only ONE person who saw me that night knew who I was. I was so sad☹️
  7. A millennial in the forest ft. her iPhone because she's a millennial
  8. Photographer: "Go stand over there and pretend to admire the art"