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  2. Baby Blues👖
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    Bobs and bangs and blue.
  3. But this is when the haircut started to stop looking cute.
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  4. With underwear on our heads to hide the horrendous bowl cut bobs
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  5. Legoland, 2006
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    A common twin-outfit theme. The same style of clothes, but in different colors. (I'm the one getting my head decapitated)
  6. Us with a really frightening woman dressed as a cockroach?
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  7. Really struggling to look affectionate during a photo shoot in front of our Christmas tree
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  8. Successfully looking affectionate
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  9. Butterflies ft. uncomfortable smiles
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  10. The most non-photogenic children (ft. my returning uncomfortable smile)
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  11. She learned to smile! Me, not so much
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  12. About to ride off into the sunset
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  13. A pretty badass look, if you ask me
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  14. Looks like I'm hugging her, but was probably putting her in a head lock to get the ball
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  15. MY FAVORITE PHOTO. I'm trying to channel Marilyn Monroe, whereas my sister is...idk
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