1. Why are you reading a 1,000+page book for leisure
  2. David Foster Wallace is a rad name; I wish I had a rad name
  3. Why are so many of these words made up
  4. This makes marijuana sound so scary
  5. I wonder if DFW was a stoner
  6. His hair makes him look like one
  7. The End of Tour was so good
    Jason Segel is wondrous
  8. I thought the guy in the foreword said this would be easy
  9. Why are the footnotes in the back of the book, and not in the footer. This is blasphemy
  10. My hands are getting such a good workout from flipping back and forth
  11. Dear Google, is there anything that would make reading this easier
  12. Muahahahaha God bless the Wiki-gods there is
  13. I can only read 30 pages at a time before feeling mentally exhausted
  14. At this rate, I most likely won't finish until 2016
  15. I can't give up now
  16. Imagine the triumph of finishing this colossal piece of work
  17. I need to stop listing and start reading
  18. Can't wait to make a list of my thoughts after finishing Infinite Jest