Allow Me To LISTRODUCE Myself

Here we go... Don't laugh at the old lady on The List ( uh, me).😎
  1. My name is Glenda- (Most recent pic of me. I'm holding a purse, not throwing a punch.)I'm happily 51 years old, feel great, fitness & nutrition are key at this age. Sunscreen too.
  2. I was born & raised in Baton Rouge ,Louisiana. But haven't lived there since 1989. Hence-@cajuninexile
  3. My hunky hubby of almost 27 years Tim, never smiles in pics. He is my bestie & the nicest person I've ever known ❤️. I love him.
  4. Our 24 yr old daughter-Catelyn is a high school teacher. She has a MEd , so I'm thinking she will definitely be a Principal someday😬 Her fiancé is a lucky man & he is lucky I like him too.
  5. Our 19 year old son Christopher is a college student studying Journalism & is a sports trivia expert & Xbox expert & a really good cook! He was born in Honolulu. My baby❤️.
  6. I love to travel! My most recent trip to Belize was cool. I'm not the best at selfies- yikes.
  7. I love animals & have 3 pound puppies. This is Jaxson- there's also Tiger & Gabe.
  8. I live in Florida.
  9. Swimming, ,beaches, travel, friends, family, food,wine,movies,music- LOVE
  10. Mean people, racists,rudeness,arrogance,Mean people,people who are mean to animals-HATE
  11. I'm enjoying The List. Thank you for reading this.