You guessed it- In the late 1970s- early 1980s I was a total Prep or so I thought. It was an easy breezy time with stiff clothes & weird accessories. Tons of fun too. Hang on to to your stick pin, here we go...
  1. Ahh, The Preppy Handbook. How did I ever live without this gem of American literature? If you've never read it, you're in for a chuckle or two.
  2. Seventeen magazine & frequent cover girl Jane Modean. Precious.
    *A go-to source when putting together my outfits for school..
  3. Stick Pins. I had several- they were in every lapel of every tweed or velvet blazer I owned. Also great on cowl neck sweaters. What a beauty of an accessory.
  4. Lauren by Ralph Lauren- Wowza, the strongest scent ever created.
  5. Any closed-toe shoe by Bass. weejuns, saddles.. Didn't matter, you were good to go.
  6. Brooke & I are the same age. I grew my eye brows out hoping to look somewhat like her. She's 6 ft. I'm 5'4". 😳
  7. Lacoste polos. ( or as I called them-the alligator tops)
  8. My senior pic. Class of 1983. 😁 I was wearing 'goucho pants' by Calvin Klein my Mom bought me from Dillard's. I was so excited to wear them.