Although not a native, we've lived in Northeast ,FL over 25 yrs.. It can be a cray cray ,yet cool place... Just depends.🌴😎
  1. Good: St.Augustine. The nation's oldest city has it all: architecture,great food, beautiful beaches, history & much more.
    My hubby & son on Anastasia Island- one of my favorite beaches.
  2. Nada: The Politics: You'll find it all: Rs,Ds,Is & everything in between. North FL , Central, South, The Panhandle. It's like a country within a state. As the late Tim Russert (sp?) said:,"Florida. Florida....". You know the rest. Gulp- it's an election year.
  3. Good: We don't own Winter coats, or boots, or hats...
  4. Nada: Tourists who don't wear sunscreen then go home & tell their friends how sucky their Florida vacay was ..
  5. Good: You can road trip the entire peninsula & still be very close to any beach..
  6. Nada: Humidity- yep. It can be a deal breaker.