1. She dances totally perfect
    The Weekend- In The Night. Actually: Dancing to relive the pain. (Maybe if The Weekend did a mash up with One Direction he could use the lyrics "dancing totally perfect" and I think that's a goal we can all work towards)
  2. Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing came from heaven
    Adele- Hello. Actually: Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened. (I imagine Adele in her studio writing like "I hope that you're well.....Did you ever make it out of that town [from hell]? Ah too racey. Better say "not from heaven.")
  3. I got two Mormon chicks 30 million in total
    Drake- Energy. Actually: I got two mortgages 30 million in total (What's 10% of 30 mil?)
  4. Comfy, sexy, beautiful
    Nick Jonas- Jealous. Actually: Cause you're too sexy, beautiful. (Really sad about this one because imagine Nick Jonas calling you "comfy sexy" and now try to imagine anything better.)
  5. I turn my sheet music up
    Nick Jonas- Jealous. Actually: I turn my cheek, music up. (Obviously this song has strongly confused me and is now a testimonial for commas.)
  6. I miss your texting
    Taylor Swift- Back to December. Actually: I miss your tanned skin. (Pretty un relatable, Taylor)
  7. Chickity china the chinese chicken
    Bare Naked Ladies- One Week. Actually: Chickity china the chinese chicken. (I don't know one of us must be wrong?)