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  1. What is wrong with Earth?
  2. Why does living on a moving train help that?
  3. How is it the train is able to stay in operation? What is powering it/how is it repaired after inevitable breakdowns/is nothing ever wrong with the tracks?
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I love James Bond, but almost all the movies are terrible. These are the reasons I feel that Licence To Kill is at least heavily flawed, even though I enjoy it. They include some spoilers.
  1. It looks and is cheap.
    I think there were real budget issues- I read about the budget staying even with Bond films from years before and the studio having money troubles. It shows. License To Kills has the most modest scope of any bond film since Dr No, and contains not a ton of really big action/stunt sequences. It's cool that they don't flit around the world too much, but otherwise a problem.
  2. Why are most of a Latin drug lord's guys white?
    A fairly inflexible rule of thumb with forming criminal organizations is that they are formed along racial lines. Cocaine cartel head Franz Sanchez is from somewhere in Latin America (despite being played by Italian-American Robert Davi), and the only fellow Latino in his inner circle is Benicio Del Toro. He even takes in super white Brit Bond immediately. It is honestly extremely hard to imagine the backstory that puts these guys in association with Sanchez.
  3. Also, why does Sanchez kind of have two security heads?
    Heller is his head of security, but Benicio is like his enforcer. Heller is the one looking to make a deal and betray Sanchez, but why isn't it the sniveling business manager who seems to be there to make things all legit?
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