Best Halloween Candy, Ranked

The order in which I eat my kid's Halloween candy. Ranked from last to first.
  1. 5: full size anything. I don't care if it's an Almond Joy 😖, if it's full size, Imma eat that. (Probably the only circumstances I'd actually eat an Almond Joy, #CoconutAintCandy)
  2. 4: Sprees/Sweet Tarts. One is really just the other with a candy she'll, so I'm not really gonna make a distinction here. I could eat these until my puckers into a fist.
  3. 3:Hershey's Assorted Miniatures. I love all these like my children, no favorites. The building blocks of a strong candy trade.
  4. 2: Twiiiiiiiiiiix!!
  5. 1: Reese's Minis. Before we had unwrapped minis, these were how we knew God wanted us to be happy.