New Year's Eve dancing queen who slipped and fell on a concrete floor. 😔
  1. Dressing everyday-finding warm shirts that fit over the bulky wrap is close to impossible
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  2. Clasping a bra-sorta like striking a match with your toes
  3. Opening a jar- the smaller the jar the more difficult -food jars easier due to ravaging desperation
  4. Sleeping in the cozy fetal position I am used to.-but the positive is I won't have wrinkle face in the am
  5. Brushing my teeth - accidentally punching my gums from the spastic left handed brushing.
  6. Typing on my computer/phone- my broken handed index finger is a proud specimen of the hunt and peck style of typing. 140 characters on Twitter too many....said no one ever, except me.
  7. Pulling back my long hair. Washing my hair. Drying/styling my hair-just look at the front please and see I made an effort. The back of my head is a veritable rat's nest
  8. Placing deodorant successfully under my good arm, yep the one that does all the work and creates the most perspiration.
  9. Staying warm in 30 degree weather.-don't own one coat that has sleeves big enough. Guess I'll have to hunt for a thick poncho, Sherlock Holmes style
  10. Putting on eyeliner-thank the Lord for the invention of the pointy Q-tip