Of course these three gems are not the only ones to love but they are my top three :)
  1. Garnet (Crystal Gem Fusion)
    Love Garnet! She is fused all the time because she is a relationship! Ruby and Sapphire! They love each other so much they can't be apart thus creating Garnet! Both Ruby and Sapphire are strong independent gems but when fused into Garnet they are amazing! I feel Garnet reacts and handles situations the best between all gems. I also feel she says the right thing to Steven at the right moments :) Can't go wrong with admiring Garnet :)
  2. Pearl (Crystal Gem)
    Pearl is sophisticated and a warrior! She is a perfectionist as well which has its advantages and disadvantages but she is beautiful! Definitely feel like she is the motherly kind to Steven in the show but has her silly moments (like watching Steven sleep☺️ haha weirdo). Pearl is wonderful and full of emotions over Rose but I believe she is strong and loyal! You can always count on Pearl having your back :)
  3. Amethyst (Crystal Gem)
    "NO!! Mi Torta!!" Haha! I enjoy watching Amethyst! She always has something on her mind and needs to say it. I find her intriguing and lovable because even though she is the silliest and laid back between the Crystal gems, I strongly believe she is unique and has dealt with a lot. No matter how serious the situation she is in, she always finds a way to ease the seriousness down with her jokes ☺️ Funny and memorable gem :)