1. watermelon. this is a gift of nature.
  2. half of what i say is silence, now
  3. you know those flavours that are not actually flavours... like spring meadow
  4. (about the inside of shed walls) every time i look at this i realize oh shit we humans are fucking smart to create something like this
  5. (looking at aluminium foil) this is seriously the best shit man has come up with
  6. why must countries under the sun suffer this much
  7. your room is a closed eye that was opened by the sun
    (cheesy on purpose)
  8. you enter like a ray of sunlighy
  9. right now i'm realizing where i am
  10. i'm a dim lighter guy
  11. there's bits of weed in my tobacco... it's like trail mix
  12. franny's fresh, franny's hip, franny's in