These aren't gonna work out so I'm finally releasing them to the public via The List App
  1. Taco glue
    Taco constantly falling apart? This is an edible adhesive that is flavored like chili peppers or salsa or whatever
  2. Microchill
    It's a microwave but the opposite. Friends coming over in 2 minutes and your beers are burning hot? The fridge and the freezer aren't fast enough, so zap em in the Microchill!
  3. Non-tangle Headphones
    Headphones that no matter how balled up they are in your pocket or bag, always untangle themselves when you pull them out for use
  4. Dog Dye
    Is your dog a sickly shade of grey/brown? With Dog Dye all it takes is a couple drops of the special formula in the bath tub and your dog can be a lustrous golden brown, a sharp white, heck even blue! With Dog Dye, your dog is your canvas.
  5. The Penfork
    For the busy business associate who is also hungry
  6. Portable shower
    Sometimes it's hard to find the time to shower before work. The portable shower is simply a shower head that easily attaches to your backpack or purse so you can shower on the train, while driving your car, at a concert, or walking your cat.
  7. Gas powered smartphone
    Forget about batteries. The gas powered smartphone runs exclusively on gasoline. Never worry about charging your phone again! Just head to the gas station, fill up, and you'll be texting in no time. It is clunky and quite loud