I am an Irish Jew. I am a walking contradiction. Some refer to my kind as "Cashews" (Catholic Jew). Thanks to @kevinhannigan for prompting this list
  1. There were 50 Callahans in a synagogue
    My dad is one of 9 siblings. I'm guessing this was one of the first bar mitzvahs many of my various aunts, uncles and cousins ever attended, and may have been the last. My dad's side is the Irish side, go figure
  2. I invited the whole grade
    No politics, no bullshit, if you were a Wood Oaks Junior High 7th grader you were in
  3. I didn't have a "montage"
    There was a poster on an easel which had 40-50 photos of me throughout my life, which people could sign their names on with a sharpie