Your typical attendees on an average day at Six Flags Great America
  1. Business associates
    They're here for a day of forced team building and "fun"
  2. The Iowa St. acapella team
  3. Adventurous newlyweds who made it their summer goal to attend every six flags in the country!
  4. A gaggle of high school girls in jean shorts
    They might also be in leggings but they definitely have white iPhones
  5. The University of Wisconsin pep band
  6. College bros who forced one of their friends to use a wheelchair all day
    Front of every line baby!
  7. The seasonal carnie who runs the rigged Jacobs ladder
  8. Strict mother with her 5 year old son on a leash
  9. Morbidly obese woman with her super skinny weird looking husband and 2 kids
    They're here for the games and the corn dogs
  10. The father-daughter duo who's attempting to break a Guinness World Record for most times consecutively riding the Raging Bull
  11. The Hoolihans!
    Family of five who are all wearing identical, custom made neon green tee shirts that read "Hoolihan Hooligans" so no one gets separated
  12. Chet who has a mullet and loves it here
  13. High school seniors on a physics field trip
    There's a project involved but they're blowing it off and fudging the numbers because fuck it, senior year