1. Being really good at directions
    Knowing the neighborhoods of the city, well versed in shortcuts, aware that Sheffield is always backed up around this time.
  2. Having already tried that new restaurant
  3. Having a very athletic son but not talking about it too much, often shifting attention to another kid
    "Wow, Tyler had 2 home runs and 5 RBIs, your son is going to be in the big leagues before we know it!" "Thanks Kathy, and Luke's really starting to get that curve down. Good for him."
  4. Sponsoring a charity event
  5. Knowing where the wind is coming from
    Usually right off the lake
  6. Knowing the owner
  7. Referring to books by author
    "I just got done reading a great Pat Conroy."
  8. Facebook commenting something extremely genuine on a family friend's anniversary picture
  9. Saying "What's the damage?" when the bill comes
  10. Insisting on paying the bill
  11. Keeping up with pop culture because of an involved daughter
  12. Being above the latest fad
    "I just don't get that whole cross fit thing"
  13. Talking about finding time to exercise during the week
  14. Knowing the unique backstory of the piece you recently purchased at an art fair
  15. Great knowledge of the market
  16. Speaking Spanish in a Mexican restaurant
    "I spent a summer in Seville in my 20s"
  17. Getting the coveted "Great form today Sheryl. Keep it up mamacita." from the sexy, local zumba instructor.
    Suggested by @nikkiwerner