The best things about living alone
  1. Decorating however you want
    Get your tacky shit out of here. Adults live here.
  2. Organizing however you want
    I don't care if it makes sense to you, it makes sense to me.
  3. Complete control over the DVR
    No one clogging it up with Dance Moms or The Big Bang Theory
  4. No foods you don't like or your roommates Nuvaring in the fridge
    Yes, it has to be refrigerated.
  5. Setting the temperature however you like it
    None of this "do you mind if I turn on the AC?"
  6. You clean when you feel like cleaning
    Not because you feel guilty about your crap being everywhere.
  7. You don't have to hear about someone else's day
    But you can still complain about your own day on Facebook if you need to
  8. No one can judge your bad habits
    No more sneaking quietly into the kitchen for my night cheese
  9. You can walk around naked all the time
    You'll never feel freer.